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Tula Tula Tula

Tula Microphone - silver

The compact microphone for content creators

The engineering teams of Soyuz and Klevgrande are on the cutting edge these days of all things awesome in audio production. They have now joined forces to create something that's making a lot of content creators happy.

The Tula from Tula Microphones is a one-of-a-kind stylishly retro device that acts as both a USB condenser microphone and stand-alone recorder (8GB of memory). It's a microphone thumb drive. As a travel companion for content creators, podcasters, and, voice over artists, it exceeds expectations.

I want to say this is the portable microphone I've been waiting my whole life for. As a kid, I had a thing for micro cassette recorders. Everyone in my family had one. I loved how compact it was plus you could take it wherever you went and record anything. It even acts as both a storage facility for audio files (in wav format). So you can record in the mic pattern of your choice (Omni, Cardioid, and a Lavalier option) and playback those files on the spot.

But the really fascinating part? Klevgrande's Brusfri Noise Cancellation in real time. For someone who deals with a lot of city noise, this really comes in handy. However without any visual element, as on the Zoom H4 Pro for example, it is hard to edit files on the device.

You can also simply connect the Tula via USB-C to your computer and use within any DAW of choice (Logic, TwistedWav, ProTools etc). While it doesn't come with a standard pop filter, a dead cat wind screen will do just fine.

the PROS:

  • Multi polar pattern modes: Cardioid, Omni, and Lavalier extension (included with purchase)

  • Active Noise Cancellation using Brusfri from Swedish plug-in designer Klevgrande.

  • Foldable/detachable stand + case makes for easy traveling and mobility

  • Mic mute

the CONS:

  • Connection/Stability issues (whenever connected to a computer)

  • Lack of visual interface for playback

  • No distinction between Input and Playback levels

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