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Mic for VO: Speaking With Ease

Review: Roswell Pro Audio's RA-VO Mic Is A Hit for Voiceover People

Finally, a mic built BY a voiceover artist FOR voiceover artists.


What is a voiceover artist without his or her trusted companion - the condenser mic? Most of the time these microphones can make us sound pretty and, other times, our finicky ear gets the best of us and we just want something more. We crave a particular sound and eventually get high-brow about our audio needs. Our perfectionist selves get the best of us and we seek the greener grass beyond the neighbor's fence.

Well, this is it. Speaking with ease during recording sessions is enhanced with a new mic experience, without having to worry about a bunch of crazy editing and processing in your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Where would we be without these golden rods (mostly black or silver actually and, in some cases, bronze, brass, and red) to help amplify our grand storytelling instrument? Probably not too happy. Well, it just so happens that a few voiceover artists in small pockets of the country are rejoicing over the new arrival of a finely-crafted piece of audio equipment.

I'm speaking of the new RA-VO Microphone from Roswell Pro Audio. Created by owner Matt McGlynn with additional design help and technical expertise of audio producer and fellow voice actor Jordan Reynolds, a majorly trusted source in the voiceover community and a great friend, this mic is truly amazing. A few months ago I had the pleasure of purchasing this bad gal, hooked it up in my studio and I haven't looked back. We've been going steady ever since (you can hear a sample above). The only downside of this whole purchase being that my Neumann TLM 102, a trusted partner in crime for well over three years, sits in despondent early retirement off in closeted isolation. But I hope to bring her on the road with me more often in the future (and no, she doesn't have a name yet).

What makes this mic so unique?

How about descriptions like these from the owner's manual to whet your audio appetite:

"hard-wired low-frequency attenuation"

"neutral frequency response with subtle EQ built in"

"less pre-amp gain than in other microphones"

"Sibilance notched out, low frequencies rolled off"

Just the description sounds like something that dropped from the heavens, doesn't it?

More from the owner's manual:

The RA-VO was designed specifically for voice capture. Every aspect of the microphone's sound, specifications, and physical structure was chosen to deliver authentic, high-fidelity reproduction of the human voice. The sound or 'voicing' of the microphone was determined through months-long research with voice actor Jordan Reynolds. The final prototype has been heard by millions of people on dozens of successful national broadcast campaigns.

DAY-UM! Well, there you have it folks - and you don't even have to take my word for it.

These guys clearly know what they're doing, and I have witnessed the device's greatness. Take the plunge. You won't regret it.

Mic For VO: Speaking With Ease - Christian Rosselli Voice Over


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