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Sounds as Good as it looks

Review: Blue Raspberry Condenser Microphone

"Designed to help you sound your best no matter where you are."

Sounds as good as it looks - Christian Rosselli Voice Over

I'm no stranger to Blue products. The early days of using a Snowflake for auditions and last minute pick-ups are hard to forget and a recently purchased Yeti Nano sits on my desk waiting to be used. The Blue Baby Bottle is a household name at this point and can be found at agency booths and casting offices around NYC.

Recently, I've been experimenting with the Blue Raspberry Condenser Microphone from Blue Designs as part of my voice over travel rig. While I usually bring a more sophisticated set-up on the road, the Raspberry is compact, hassle-free and delivers impressive studio sound. Not surprising. For years, Blue has been developing cost-effective, high quality products designed specifically with voice talent in mind, however their inventory appeals to a wide range of performers including podcasters, gamers, singers and musicians. While it might be hard to tell from the photos, this little mic is capable of delivering the goods no matter the location. After all, what $200 USB/Lightning mic has an intricate built-in filter? And not just any filter but an IAD (Internal Acoustic Diffuser) that helps "minimize the sound of the room" when you're forced to record at the airport. Well, maybe not ALL the sound.

Here's an audio sample:

But what about room treatment? No sweat. While using it at my parents' house during Thanksgiving, a bed and two pillows sufficed and the IAD worked its magic. In addition, it works with most iOS/Android devices and went directly into my iPhone. Oh, Technology. Bottom line: small usb/lightning microphone, optimum sound and adaptable to many environments. Not to mention, a collapsible stand/mount and suede pouch, making traveling easy and that pretty much seals the deal. If you're on a budget and in the market for a low maintenance, professional digital condenser microphone, this may make your on-the-go recording life a little easier.

Check out the specs below and Get it!

Microphone Specs:

  • USB/Lightning Capabilities

  • Cardioid Polar Pattern

  • IAD - Internal Acoustic Diffuser

  • Up to 24 bit/48K

  • No Latency monitoring

  • Gain up to +40DB

  • Mic stand adapter

  • Collapsible Stand

  • Headphone jack


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