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Don't Burn this Book

Burn Book by Kara Swisher is a delightful tech tell-all

I've recently started listening to Kara Swisher's podcasts "On" and "Pivot," the latter co-hosted with entrepreneur and NYU professor Scott Galloway. Both are brimming with tech insights from two brilliant minds. Inspired by their discussions, I immediately picked up Swisher's new audiobook, Burn Book: A Tech Love Story.

Swisher offers a candid account of her experiences as a tech journalist, sharing her admiration for figures like Steve Jobs and Mark Cuban, as well as her complex interactions with Mark Zuckerberg and Elon. Swisher's confidence and deep knowledge of the tech industry are evident throughout. She is a masterful debater who can hold her own against anyone.

With decades of experience, Swisher dissects (or burns depending on how you interpret it) the world of "tech bros" with effortless skill and authority. Her intimate understanding of the tech landscape shines through in every chapter.

I highly recommend checking out her podcasts as well: "Pivot" with Scott Galloway, and her solo venture "On."

Photo credit: Rey Seven


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