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My Top 5 Beatmakers of 2022

Sonic Escape

Taking a break from reality is crucial these days and chillout/study playlists seem to be the sonic remedy for that. They're in our YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify feeds and feature some of the most organic, relaxing beats and grooves for ultimate concentration. The following is a list of some of my favorite DJs and Beatmakers out there. Each of them are unique in their own right, having created a distinct sound and artistry that is unmatched. Check them out below!

A French/German DJ with obvious talent for blending lush melodies and grooving beats that hit headphones hard.

In the style of east coast 90s hip hop, this DJ/Sampler/Producer extraordinaire has some of the most ear-catching material out there with new albums dropping often.

LA-based producer and DJ who is constantly evolving her sound and educating the masses on how to keep it fresh. Sarah is certainly one artist you don't want to miss.

This Finnish Beat maker and Producer can be heard on many compilation albums on the Chillhop label. His sound is unmistakable and features some memorable collaborations.

Who's ready for Freddie? This beatmaking god sounds good in every setting. Just check out his awesome YouTube channel to see him in action.


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