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Sennheiser Momentum OnEar Headphones Review

The Listening experience, Transformed

Review: Momentum OnEar Headphones - Christian Rosselli Voice Over

Several years ago, after having gone through a few sets of random headphones and getting less than desirable results, I finally discovered a pair that surpassed them all in terms of sound quality: The Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Headphones. Since then, they’ve gone everywhere with me and have totally transformed the listening experience.

So what’s all the buzz?

Not only do they appeal to a variety of music lovers, in particular audiophiles (like me), but their pristine stereo sound is hard to resist. Put them on and let these noise-cancelling gems take you on a journey. Where other brands excel and, perhaps, over compensate with the punch of extra bass, the Momentum’s accentuate the fullness of classic HiFi sound with just the right amount of EQ. And that balances everything out quite nicely.

I also found this to be the case when comparing them alongside my Beats Solo Wireless, also a great pair of headphones (for different reasons). For example, where the Beats succeed at amplifying sound across the board for say, hip hop or dubstep, the Momentum’s adjust to almost every genre flawlessly, particularly jazz, hip hop and even classical. Amidst everything, I can still hear sonic details without them getting drowned out by the booming bass.

It's like having one of your Dad's high-end living room tube pre-amps at your disposal wherever you go. With live recordings, it feels like you’re there front and center with the artist. Plenty of drive and...oh yeah, momentum.

In addition, the Sennheiser Momentum's come in handy when editing voice over on the road. While they don’t capture 16/24 bit mono audio as well as the Sony MDR 7506 (a stand-by for many voice over pros), they'll still suffice for smaller gigs with quicker turnarounds. Volume control is also available as is the ability to accept or reject calls during listening. Perhaps the only drawback is that, unlike Beats or newer Momentum models, they’re not wireless or collapsible and the dangling wire sometimes gets in the way when traveling. The leather case is protective enough but not as compact as I’d hoped.

Minor inconveniences aside, you don’t want to miss this kind of sound experience.


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