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Optimum Sound Arrives

Reviewing the custom vocal booth for solid voice over recording

I wouldn't exactly call myself a techie or an audio junkie but I do know quality when I hear it.  Optimum sound exists.  Several months ago I upgraded my home studio with a custom vocal booth from QC Acoustics, a company in California.  As I had been wanting to do this for a while, you can imagine the huge sigh of relief as we finished assembling this booth and setting up all the equipment.   Finally, after years of make-shift isolation booths, my very own whisper room had arrived.  That potentially meant the following:

No low rumble from city subways or trucks

No screaming children playing ball in the streets

No thundering jet engine during take-off or landing

Bye bye ice-cream truck!

The results?  

Absolute perfection and all of the above no longer an issue.  I can now audition and record without having to worry about any distracting outside noises that would break my concentration.  By the way, this is the dream of a NYC voice over artist.

What does that mean for you, the buyer?

Relief, confidence, and assurance, knowing that not only did you hire the right voice but that you will also be getting a professional sounding product as well.

Optimum Sound Arrives - Christian Rosselli Voice Over


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