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Opening Our Hearts

After spending a much needed weekend away from the city with family, I had some time to reflect on many things both personal and professional in my life.   The creative juices have been flowing out of control and new doors are opening. Just a little inspiration for you today.  I'm sure it will be a reminder of all the good in your life and that there is plenty to be grateful for. A quote, a reminder to hopefully go a long way.

"Never under estimate the power of the heart.

When we are passionate about someone, or something, 

few obstacles can defeat us.

Our hearts can inspire greatness,

sweep aside adversity,

break new ground, 

and draw others along with us."

from: Now Is The Time: 170 Ways To Sieze The Moment By Patrick Lindsay

At the end of the day it is important to reflect on how we got to where we are.  I look to my family, close friends and loved ones, and fellow voice talent who've had years more experience.  I look up to all you guys.  Keep setting examples and leading the way.

Today is going to be awesome!

Opening Our Hearts - Christian Rosselli Voice Over


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