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The Art of Connection

 Discovering Connection with Charles Duhigg’s Supercommunicators

I just finished listening to Charles Duhigg’s audiobook, Supercommunicators, and wow, it was an eye-opener. As a voice actor and narrator, I felt like he was speaking directly to my craft. Duhigg dives into the secret language of connecting with others, breaking it down into three types of conversations: practical, emotional, and social.

What really hit home was the idea of empathy. Duhigg says that understanding and addressing people's needs lets us connect on a deeper level. This is so relevant to my work. When voice a project, I need to be totally aware of my audience - feel what they feel, understand their needs and make that emotional connection.

Duhigg’s insights on practical conversations made me rethink how I approach scripts. Clear and effective communication is key, no matter what story I'm telling. It’s about getting the message across without any fluff.

Emotional conversations are the heart of storytelling. Duhigg points out that tapping into emotions makes a story stick with you. This is what I aim for every time I step into the booth. I want my voice to move people, to make them feel something real.

And then there’s social conversations—the glue that binds relationships. Understanding social nuances can make or break how my work is received. It’s about building rapport with clients and connecting with the audience in a genuine way.


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