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Fresh New Face of the Rails

Amtrak upgrades its locomotive fleet with Siemens Chargers

Amtrak is preparing for the future and, as a train nerd, I am totally on board.

In a landmark contract with Siemens the rail company will be upgrading its long-standing trains with a brand new fleet of locomotives and passenger cars. Of note, the Siemens ALC-42 Chargers (pictured below) will be the new face of Amtrak by 2024. For now, they are being used primarily on long distance routes. The P42 Locomotives from GE which I have slowly grown to love, will soon be replaced.

The reasons for this are obvious. With most transportation technology, change is inevitable. But less fuel consumption, faster speeds and environmental benefits are always desirable. And this new equipment accomplishes all that.

Who can say no to that?

Photo credit: Thomas Pallini


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