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Future Trains Make Heads Spin

The Next Generation of Amtrak Acela Trains Is Worth A Look

As you may know already, trains are an important part of my life.  I grew up fascinated by them, rode them constantly and watched them at any chance I got.  Today, I continue that same passion for the rails and even with a bit more fervor than before.  Seriously, I'm nuts about the rails.  So when Vice President Joseph Biden recently revealed new federal financing for additional Amtrak Acela trains, I couldn't have been happier.  And when I discovered Amtrak's plans to do a complete overhaul of their high speed trains, I jumped for joy.  Train travel in America is really no laughing matter, as we are still behind most other countries, especially in Europe.  However, the installment of these bad boys and girls from manufacturer Alstom, could be a blessing the U.S. is in desperate need of, at least on the Northeast Corridor.  It restores faith in the overall system and the possibility of something to look forward to in our country once this new line is in full operation.

Here are some of the key highlights from the article on Amtrak's website:

  • Continued expansion and modernization of current infrastructure

  • Increased travel comfort and perks

  • A 40% increase in the number of train sets, adding to those already in operation

  • Improved and upgraded interior design

  • Way better food and Wifi (we'll see about that)

  • More departure options during peak hours

  • A 20% reduction in overall energy consumption

Now, how does that sound?   As you can see, much to look forward to (including no more indigestion from eating pre-packaged, pre-made omelettes and sausage patties).  The coffee is still good though.  I'll give them that.

Amtrak. “Amtrak Announces Next Generation of High-Speed Rail” Video. YouTube 26 August 2016. 30 August 2016


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