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When Creative Humor Takes The Cake

Ear-Catching: New TV Spot for United Healthcare

Creative humor is fantastic, and being on the same page is a wonderful feeling.  I've been fortunate enough to be on that same page with some incredible creative directors and producers for the past few months now. The folks at Leo Burnett Chicago are those very creative, fun people to work with.

When you work with professionals who know exactly what they're doing AND what they want, it's just smooth sailing ahead and also much easier to follow in line with their particular vision.  And it's also a whole lot easier to do the job without getting distracted by over-direction during the voice over recording session.

What I like about this spot in particular is how it tells a story by drawing you in from moment to moment and finally to the brand's message. But it does so in quite an off beat and humorous way- selective humor that you're not completely distracted by. And on the top of that, it's relatable and touching.

Check it out above! And I'm sure you'll catch the whole United Healthcare thing on TV sometime soon (if in fact you still watch TV).


When Creative Humor Takes The Cake - Christian Rosselli Voice Over

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