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Traditional Consistency is in the Details


My father, Francis Rosselli, knows pizza.  He has his entire life.  Since he was a teenager, he’s kept a careful eye on the family pizza business and what makes for a traditionally consistent pie.  With an in-depth understanding of ingredients and baking requirements, Dad strives for the absolute best in quality and giving customers new and old a stellar (and delicious) product.

Because pizza has just three basic elements — crust, sauce and cheese — each one must be reliably perfect and perfectly reliable. To accomplish this, every fall two grandsons of Mr. Pepe conduct a blind tasting of new-harvest tomatoes from the area around Naples, Italy..

Like his grandfather Francesco Pepe, my father knows that if one element of the process is inconsistent or lacking, the entire pizza will be off.  And it always boils down to specifics.  In this case, the best canned tomatoes for the job.  Late last month, he was featured in this article for the NYTimes.  I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Moskin, Julia.  It’s Canned Tomato Season. Here’s What You Need to Know.  New York Times. Web. 25 September 2017.  12 Nov 2017.

Traditional Consistency Is In The Details - Christian Rosselli Voice Over


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