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They've Got A Popcorn Machine

Studio Experience: Soundtrack NY

Over the last few years of working and recording voice over in NYC, I’m always thrilled at the opportunity to visit at a new studio space. It gives me the chance to meet industry and creative folks as well as some very knowledgeable sound designers and engineers. And in this day and age of home studio isolation, any face-time can make a huge difference in chaotic VO life.

Recently I’ve been spending time at Soundtrack NY, a fantastic studio located close to the Flatiron District, one of my absolute favorite places to be. The studio is a busy hub for voice over, ADR/Dubbing for feature films and TV, Commercials, sound design, VFX, and more. Owned by Soundtrack Group, there are actually two locations in the city - Soundtrack NY and Soundtrack F/T, both within walking distance of each other. There are even facilities throughout the greater Boston area as well. Both NYC locations have a variety of capabilities and set-ups. Check them out.

Upon entering, the space is a delightful mishmash of different styles and genres. At times, it takes on the feeling of a glorified thrift store (And who doesn’t love thrift stores?). One of the engineers at our session mentioned that the studio is going through somewhat of a makeover, however the unfinished areas do give it a little character, as I tend to like imperfections. The ceilings and walls are covered in bright white light, with an overhead neon light cutting through the middle of the upstairs lobby. The walls are decked out in vinyl 45s and retro pop culture memorabilia. Oh, there’s even a popcorn machine.

They've Got A Popcorn Machine - Christian Rosselli Voice Over

As you walk further, you’ll notice it takes on a 90s vibe with framed albums from some the most memorable artists of that era (and recorded at this very studio). It doesn’t take long to get swept away by the caliber of talent recording on any given day. Pretty soon, the sign-in sheet fills up with celebrities and in walks “that woman or that guy” from “that show”. Truthfully, I was a bit starstruck until I remembered why I was there in the first place.

Lastly, no studio is fully functional without its incredible staff. From the receptionists to the engineers and talent coordinators, I was in good hands the entire time. During the recording session, our engineer Mark DeSimone and his assistant Kristin could not have been more gracious and accommodating. Mark went out of his way with kindness from start to finish, making sure the levels were good and I felt right at home. If you're looking for new places to record, solid people to work with and a variety of recording options, give Soundtrack NY a try.


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