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The Reality of Being a VO: More Hustle, Less Glamour

The pursuit of success in voice-over work is a constant audition and networking hustle, indifferent to one’s talent or existing recognition. Every day unfolds as a quest for new opportunities, all without the assurance of a secure job waiting at the end. Unlike scoring a golden ticket after acing a high-profile campaign, booking and sustaining work is a relentless grind. We have to love it.

Embracing the hustle becomes a way of life, especially if we lack top-tier connections or the cushion of fame. Contrary to the glitz and glamour portrayed at awards shows and expos, the daily reality of the business is far from a red carpet experience. It’s a gritty, demanding journey that requires dedication, resilience, and a willingness to adapt to challenges that come with the pursuit of success. Not to mention a great deal of time in physical isolation in a recording booth with little to no direction.

At issue is the constant portrayal of the rewarding aspect of such a career pursuit. For example, the allure of awards and fame can sometimes overshadow the less glitzy aspects of the craft. Does constantly showing our successes help or harm us in the long run? As performers, it’s easy to be drawn to the surface, but acknowledging the journey is crucial.  Here’s what we don’t often see on social media: The fact that behind each successful voice-over performance lies a multitude of auditions, rejections, and hours of hard work that often go unnoticed. Auditioning, after all, IS the job.

In the unpredictable entertainment industry, success demands continuous effort and resilience. Talent is crucial, but the hustle is non-negotiable. For those without established connections or deep pockets, the journey is demanding, involving craft honing and navigating a business driven by algorithmic trends with a low shelf life.

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