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The Other Benefits Of Petroleum

When the pump takes care of you

In our modern, clean-energy conscious world, oil companies evoke images of spills, pollution and even disaster.  Who knew that with some good branding, clever ideas and the voice of a guy named Miles (!) a petrol company could make us look at this whole thing with just a little bit of an open mind and see the actual benefits.

In the case of BP and their new interactive gas pump/photo booth/music streaming device (see included Adweek link) they've already done good by some vehicle owners.   Yep, that's right.  When it comes to advertising their products, BP is encouraging a friendly and fun vibe with its service.  And we know how much image means, don't we? After all, with this good an experience at the pump, you may just want to stay forever.  I should know - I played a customer once on the radio.

(Word of advice: Just don't stay too long and piss off the person behind you.)

Heine, Christopher.  BP's New Gas Pump Engages Customers with Music, a Photo Booth and Trivia. Adweek. Web. 15 Nov 2016. 16 Nov 2016.

The Other Benefits of Petroleum - Christian Rosselli Voice Over


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