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Finding My Voice

Embracing the Past and Present of Voice in Advertising

At 42, I've come to realize my voice carries echoes of a bygone era, more reminiscent of the polished announcers of yesteryears than I care to admit. I've had great success as a casual, relatable, guy-next-door voice for sure, but there's a certain appeal to the golden age of advertising, when every commercial sounded smooth as butter.

My fascination with this era might stem from its ability to emphasize vocal qualities that resonated deeply. In contrast, connecting with younger audiences poses a challenge. My social circle doesn't extend to those under 25, and I find myself out of sync with the Gen Z lingo.

Transitioning to the present advertising landscape, it's evident that the conventional announcer-driven commercials of the past now seem outdated. Even those of three years ago. Their articulate and professional delivery, while impactful then, may appear distant and formal by today's standards. This style thrived in an era with limited networks and no digital platforms, fostering a simple transactional approach where brands offered solutions to consumer problems.

Advertising today thrives on a more relatable and human interaction. The focus has shifted from authoritative monologues to genuine conversations that resonate on a personal level, which, don't get me wrong, I am here for in the long term. However, despite this evolution, I'm inexplicably drawn to the allure of classic performances, even if they feel somewhat grandiose or formal.

For me, it's essential to acknowledge that evaluating a commercial from 1985 through the lens of contemporary norms isn't entirely fair. Times have changed, and so have the platforms and channels through which ads reach audiences. The era of the distinguished announcer proclaiming a product's virtues from on high has largely faded, except when used for comedic effect.

As a voice actor, I'm at a crossroads. My path forward involves a balancing act: embracing the classics while adapting to the evolving conversational advertising landscape. It's like blending the best of both worlds, creating a sound that hits just right.


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