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Rocky Voice Over Recording Session

Piece from Adweek shows the Humor in Moments of Chaos

Recording voiceover is not always a picnic.  Sometimes it's a breeze and other times, a complete disaster.  Nine times out of ten though, the commercial is recorded and produced and, in the end, people do actually get what they want from each other.  Well, we hope.  As voice talents, a chaotic recording session is our worst nightmare and we try to avoid it at all costs.  We never intend to make things difficult and do love it when our clients are happy.  Moreover, getting the job is what matters most as we are usually extremely grateful for the opportunity.  A recent video that appeared in Adweek the other week took the cake and made us all laugh hysterically, proving that, in those moments of chaos and disorder, humor really shines through.

What I love about this particular video is the lengths to which these writers go in making their point.   In addition, they never sacrifice credibility for the sake of comedy.  All of what occurs in the video is quite accurate.  Personally, I can't ever think of a time when this happened to me but I do know the psychological and technical ramifications of keeping your phone on during the recording session.  Some voice talent realize that keeping your phone on can cause unwanted static or feedback during the recording, even if the ringer or notification sounds are turned off.  This particular voice talent does a considerably good job, given that the recording is already off to a bumpy beginning, what with the creatives already not inspiring much confidence in their abilities.  We do our best to buckle down and try to read people's minds.

Rudd, Tim.  Watch The Voiceover For An Ice Cream Ad Go Horrendously Comically Wrong. Adweek. Web. 22 Aug 2016. 28 Aug 2016.

Rocky Voice Over Recording Session - Christian Rosselli Voice Over


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