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Pause for Power.   Yes, really.

Taking a moment has more benefits than we might think.  

Earlier this week at my usual Bikram Yoga class, I had a revelation of sorts.  At the end of class, while we were all lying down in (the unanimously loved) Savasana pose, I started to notice several people leaving early.  A true Yogi realizes that this is not advised, as our bodies need to come to full rest (at least 2 minutes) and sometimes more to make the necessary transition from the hard work we’ve endured over the last 90 minutes.  As a rather harried young woman jumped up and gathered her things before resting, our instructor took notice and said:

“Don’t tell me you don’t have 2 minutes. Get back down! I get it, you’re a New Yorker and you have to be onto the next thing.  Everyone has 2 minutes. Just relax.”

I wouldn’t be wrong in assuming others might feel her approach/tone was less favorable.  But regardless, I was relieved when she said this because it brings up another issue.   Not everyone thinks they have the time. Not everyone thinks that 2 minutes is what their body really needs to finish the meditation to clear our minds of the clutter, the activity and release unnecessary toxins from the body. Once the class nearing a close, you can see it in everyone- that urge, that impulse- the worry settles in and the energy is palpable.  ‘I just need to get out of this heat and move on with my life.'

What propels us to leave? The heat, yes, is obvious.  An important deadline back at the office, a first date with the person of our dreams, drinks with an old friend, writing a term paper?  Whatever it is, it’s valid.  Our lives are each very different and often so complex.   There are tight deadlines, tasks, activities, and little 'drama-sodes’ we carry with us each day.  New Yorkers, especially do claim to be 'busier’ than most.  It’s like their birthright to proclaim supreme stress levels over anyone else in the world.  Many of us live out our days putting out one fire after the next, both professionally and personally.  And not everyone can embrace the power of pausing. It’s rather simple.  You stop whatever it is you’re doing, stop over-thinking, and let go. 

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Pause for Power. Yes, really. Christian Rosselli Voice Over


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