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Lady Luck Just Got Closer

Ear-Catching: New Radio Spot for Foxwoods Casino

Lady Luck has a funny way of creeping up on us at the least expected moments.  For the record, I'm pretty far from being a gambler or avid casino go-er but that doesn't mean I can't help tell a brand's story - and have a little fun doing it.  Sometimes we voiceover people just get lucky voicing products about getting lucky.

I've actually only been to three casinos in my life; once with my Dad many years ago (there's no story there, I promise - it was your average business trip), once with a friend whom I bailed on pretty early into the night, and again a couple of years ago in Vegas for the quintessential bachelor party experience (definitely a story or two in there, sadly none of which will make it into this blog, unfortunately).

As voiceover artists, we constantly interact with clients who represent a diverse palette of brands, products, and services.  Every now and then an opportunity comes a knockin' to work on uniquely personal projects - perhaps with a client or company we always dreamed would cross our paths. Those places we drove past as kids or grew up knowing.  Interestingly enough, back in October, I had the pleasure of voicing a new radio campaign for Foxwoods Resort & Casino.  As a Connecticut boy, whose family runs a well-known Connecticut family pizzeria turned-corporate-franchise, I found myself representing another popular establishment with great pleasure.  The creatives behind this ad, Connelly Partners, of Boston, MA knew exactly what they wanted, gave great direction, and everyone walked away happy.  A month later we got the chance to collaborate again on some more work. Lucky?  I'm calling it more than that...something like fate, perhaps.  Collaboration meant to be.

Check out the above clip to hear how much fun we all had!

Lady Luck Just Got Closer - Christian Rosselli Voice Over


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