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Inner Diva Checklist

5 times to shut up during a session

Inner Diva Checklist - Christian Rosselli Voice Over

One should expect a certain etiquette from talent during a recording session. The type of pro styling that comes when we do our jobs carefully, thoughtfully - purposefully.

Gone are times when "Ernie Anderson-esque" outbursts were acceptable in a workplace environment - though it's hard to understand how they ever were. Vanishing quickly too is the notion that a "great" actor requires the space to be rude, inconsiderate, or higher maintenance than those around him or her. To be truly "great" requires an ability to work well with a creative team, take direction quickly and without feather ruffling.

So with this in mind, I'm working on my own Inner Diva checklist, starting with -

Things to make sure a producer or director never hears during a session:

  1. My too-actual personal life: "Last night I got so hammered..."

  2. Complaints about the script: "Did they have spell check? Basic typing skills?"

  3. Refusing direction: "No, I'm not doing another take for safety. If you don't have it by now..."

  4. The Backout: "Look, maybe you need someone else." ie. I suck. Get someone else. Also - this doesn't seem to be working?

  5. Premature demands prior to recording: "Can I get a copy of the spot once it airs? I need it for my website..."

And yes, things that appear to be self-explanatory upon reflection are all things I have done. We live, learn, and try to get as much growth out of ourselves as possible. What I know is that, as a voice talent in a booth, working with incredible creative teams, it helps to check that inner diva at the door.

More soon...


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