• Christian Rosselli

Expecting The Unexpected

When it comes to the Millennial market, anything is possible.

Marketing and advertising gurus alike are left scratching their heads and willing to expect the unexpected.    In a more digital world, we are either completely sure of how to reach them or daunted by the task of their most influential medium.  Early predictions led many to assume mobile content was the sole driving factor in getting their attention.   And let's not forget- brand transparency.  This recent Adweek article from several weeks ago highlights a series of recently conducted studies showing the millennial market actually engaged in TV over YouTube.  It is yet a clear indication of their newfound willingness to give more traditional avenues a chance.  Maybe they're getting sick of their phones.

Lynch, Jason. Millennials Care More About TV (and Its Ads) Than YouTube. Adweek. Web. 31 Oct 2017. 4 Nov 2017.

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Expecting The Unexpected - Christian Rosselli Voice Over

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