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Digital Is Real

One Ad Agency is Taking Chances

You may remember my recent post defending Commercials in the current digital landscape.  And you may also remember me highlighting their efficacy in the grand scheme of things. We know that not all commercials are bad and some, in fact, place such a heavy emphasis on brand awareness and, in most cases, offer good ol' fashioned entertainment, as in the case of our favorite Super Bowl Ads. With the 2016 Super Bowl behind us, one company seems to stand out in its understanding of brand direction in advertising.

Any brand or company would be remiss if they didn't do other things in tandem with a super bowl commercial to create a more cohesive 360 campaign. Nick Maschmeyer, Sr Strategist, Droga5

It is clear that Droga5 is quickly becoming one of the hottest digital advertising agencies in town - and rightfully so.  In the past several months we've seen a number of articles relating to this agency, some favorable and others, not so favorable.  But the main verdict seems to be that this particular agency is not only breaking new ground; It's constantly evolving and redefining what it means to have a successful advertising campaign.  The above-referenced video, "Why A 30-Second. $5 Million Super Bowl Ad Isn't Enough,"  recently published on, speaks to this evolving mind-set. It immediately captured my attention as a representation of what goes into creating an ad. Consider yourself connected, not just from the point of impact of a traditional :30 TV spot but from all aspects of engagement and on all feasible platforms.   I am by no means an advertising/creative expert, as I only specialize in one element of the entire process, however it is fascinating to watch these changes unfold from such a unique perspective.  “Why A 30-Second $5 Million Super Bowl Ad Isn't Enough” Video. 11 Feb 2016. 21 Feb 2016

Digital Is Real - Christian Rosselli Voice Over


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