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Creative Imagination Goes The Distance

Ad Agencies are hard at work reinventing the ad landscape

It goes without saying that the world of advertising is in a constant state of change.  We are bombarded with all types of ads on a daily basis.  So much so that there are now even premium subscription options for an ad-free experience.  While many simply can't handle the onslaught of ads, some people, myself included, love it.  As a voice over talent, marketing research is part of the job.  Moreover, advertising professionals are always hard at work trying to find new ways to be creative, engage audiences and ultimately make brands stand out more.

This recent article from Adweek profiles several seasoned and influential creatives in the business as well as their most impactful work in the last year.  It's refreshing to see how forward-thinking minds approach an ever-evolving market.  These executives are able to discover all creative possibilities with a firm grasp of each project challenge's challenge.  Luckily, I've been fortunate enough to work with one of these agencies on notable campaigns over the last couple of years and am glad to be a part of their story-telling process.

My personal favorites: Samsung: Ostrich and Seamless: How New York Eats. Check it out!

Nudd, Tim. 22 Creative Directors Who Are Completely Reimagining What's Possible In Advertising. Adweek. Web. 12 June 2017. 16 Feb 2017.

Creative Imagination Goes The Distance - Christian Rosselli Voice Over


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