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Counting on Anxiety - Neel Williams

Came across this article, and it SPOKE.

In These Uncertain Times, Count On Anxiety by Neel Williams

The dams we've so painstakingly built to hold back the emotional tides—daily routine, exercise, self-care, socializing—have eroded or completely disappeared, leaving anxiety to run rampant. - Neel Williams

Neel Williams understands anxiety, and I'm feeling these words on a regular basis. In the time before, I dealt with anxiety on a daily basis, and struggled to maintain my emotions. It's human, and I'm not alone; but things definitely feel elevated to new levels at present. These days, II'm taking a lot of new breaths, working through insecurities, applying new methods to approaching the way I feel...and growing through 'these uncertain times'.

He says it all much better than I do, HERE.


Photo credit: Gabriel

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