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Balancing Acts in Isolation

Navigating the Challenges of Home Recording

Before the pandemic, voice over actors had a normal routine of auditioning and recording in person and at home. Our own recording booths were only used about half of the time. In early 2020, there were promising career opportunities, a swanky new office location for one of my agencies as well as regular socializing with agents, actors and other creative professionals a few times a week. However, everything changed to say the least and here we are over three years later. It seems like it was yesterday.

While this has allowed for greater privacy and the ability to be one's true self, it can also lead to feelings of isolation and unease, especially when you're used to being in a studio surrounded by other creatives. However, as voice actors, we can use this vulnerability to our advantage and enhance each read/performance. By tapping into our emotions and creating a deeper connection with the characters we're portraying, we can bring authenticity and depth to every project. In addition, it's important to use our time at home wisely to avoid being stuck in one place all day. Taking breaks, exercising, and finding ways to interact with others are great ways to make the most of it. But it takes patience, determination and a love of what we do.

And lastly, never losing sight of the fact that even though we may be physically alone, we're still a part of a supportive and creative community.


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