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Audition Fatigue?

 Less Worry, the Better

It's been months since our last voice over booking.  We've had many auditions but, much to our dismay, we're not booking a whole lot.  We double up on coaching, work with someone new, read our fare share of industry blogs, and even experiment in new genres.  Still, nothing seems to be happening.  We think to ourselves: maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board.  Give that demo a facelift, revamp our marketing plan, take some time off to get some perspective. However, there seems to be no easy fix to this interruption and impatience quickly settles in.  Pretty soon the ruminating and comparisons start.  Although we're well aware that this kind of negative thinking can impede our progress, it still bugs us.  Hold it right there.  In reality, this is an all-too-common case of audition fatigue.  No matter where in our career, we aren't impervious to creative struggles.  The ups and downs are an integral part of this business and they prepare us for the next challenge.

Self-Resistance is silly.  We're only getting in our own way.

Good news: audition fatigue can have a low shelf life.  With a clear strategy in place as well as confidence in our talent and abilities, bouncing back is easy.  Once we stop caring about whether or not we're going to book, the spontaneity of the business comes into play.  And if we're on the right path, there's no giving up.  Some of the best advice I've received isn't from a Tony Robbins seminar or a book of Zen odes but from more experienced talent.  Those who have stood the test of time and rode the waves of uncertainty.  

As my friend Jack says, "Keep doing what your doing.  Give yourself more credit.  You're already there."

Audition Fatigue?  Less worry, the Better - Christian Rosselli Voice Over


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