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A Dream Day for a Voice Over Artist

7am- Wake up

715am- Drink water with lemon to flush the toxins and lube the pipes

730am- Prepare script notes for session, check emails

8am- Source-Connect Session with new client in Germany

830am- Edit and FTP Session

845am- Coffee Break...FINALLY!

9am-11am Auditions, Marketing, Cold Calls, Blogging, Read the News etc

12pm-130pm- Travel to Manhattan to record National TV Campaign

2pm- Lunch

3pm- Auditions at Talent Agency

4pm- Gym

6pm- Home for Dinner, Auditions, Emails, Record Pick-Ups

8pm- Take a stroll around the neighborhood

930pm- Zone out to a movie or funny YouTube videos

11pm- Bed.

A Dream Day for a Voice Over Artist - Christian Rosselli Voice Over


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