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  • The Zen of Ho-Ho-Kus Station

    Subscribe for more trains & such >> A Railfan Paradise in the mountains of New Jersey Nestled in the picturesque Bergen County in Northeastern New Jersey, Ho-Ho-Kus station is a railfan's paradise. This station services both Main Line and Bergen County Line NJ Transit customers traveling to Suffern, NY or Hoboken NJ. Even express trains headed to Port Jervis, NY can be seen blasting through the station. The ride up to the station is smooth and scenic, with breathtaking views of the mountains. The station building, constructed in 1952, is small but cozy, more like a rest area than a full-service station. There are no amenities around, just three tracks - one northbound, one southbound, and a middle express track. Rush hour is bustling with rail activity, which is a sight to behold. And when there are no trains, the station is peaceful, with only the sounds of nature. Don't miss out on the chance to witness the magic of Ho-Ho-Kus station. Christian is a Voice Actor & Narrator who loves trains, travel, coffee, and all things audio. Follow along ❤️ on Instagram + YouTube

  • A Breath of Fresh Air

    Appreciating the talented vocalist Samara Joy Lately, I've been listening to the entrancing melodies of Grammy award-winning vocalist, Samara Joy. Her voice is truly a delight to the ears, and it's incredibly refreshing to hear a talented performer who has it all - not just a good voice but also a genuine passion for music. Her performances are a breath of fresh air, and she truly deserves all the recognition she's receiving.

  • Balancing Acts in Isolation

    Navigating the Challenges of Home Recording Before the pandemic, voice over actors had a normal routine of auditioning and recording in person and at home. Our own recording booths were only used about half of the time. In early 2020, there were promising career opportunities, a swanky new office location for one of my agencies as well as regular socializing with agents, actors and other creative professionals a few times a week. However, everything changed to say the least and here we are over three years later. It seems like it was yesterday. While this has allowed for greater privacy and the ability to be one's true self, it can also lead to feelings of isolation and unease, especially when you're used to being in a studio surrounded by other creatives. However, as voice actors, we can use this vulnerability to our advantage and enhance each read/performance. By tapping into our emotions and creating a deeper connection with the characters we're portraying, we can bring authenticity and depth to every project. In addition, it's important to use our time at home wisely to avoid being stuck in one place all day. Taking breaks, exercising, and finding ways to interact with others are great ways to make the most of it. But it takes patience, determination and a love of what we do. And lastly, never losing sight of the fact that even though we may be physically alone, we're still a part of a supportive and creative community.

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  • CollectionGenres

    Booking Looking for conversational, relatable voice over? Bringing to life large-scale commercial campaigns for top companies, Christian’s genuine sound, friendly tones, and inviting humor are ideal for today's ad focus on connecting real people with the brands they love... Commercial Booking Want a bold, powerful promo voice with conversational appeal? Christian’s magnetic energy engages audiences of all ages across high-octane sports events, intensely dramatic series, comedic reality shows, quirky dramadies, and family-friendly entertainment… Promo Booking Searching for a relatable, dynamic narrator? Christian’s warm, richly-textured tones and naturally conversational delivery bring stories to life. From in-show narration to long form documentaries and brand storytelling, this is the sound you want to listen to… Narration Booking Need to update your station’s sound? This is the modern imaging voice you’re looking for. Tune in with Rosselli on 96.9 The Fox, FUN 92.1, Star 106.9, and the bold Mike Lupica Podcast. Fast turnarounds and high-quality audio delivered on time and according to schedule… Radio Imaging Booking Making explainer videos? Grabbing those conversions means keeping people engaged, and Christian’s voice has genuine appeal. People are over 50% more likely to buy your product or service after learning about it via video, and the right voice will boost your video’s effectiveness… Explainer Booking Seeking a voice that truly connects? From product rollouts to internal messaging, event announcements, trainings, seminars, guided workshops and so much more, Christian's voice keeps people interested, no matter how complex or intricate the subject matter… Corporate Booking Trying to reach people right where they are? Christian’s voice elevates the important issues, genuinely connects with voters, and skillfully lands your message where it counts. Add compelling political voice over that’s relatable, impactful, and authentic… Political

  • Narration

    2023 Christian Rosselli More Narration Download DEMO Bring your story to life with vivid, captivating narration. Searching for a relatable, dynamic narrator? From in-show and documentary narration to corporate storytelling, Christian’s voice vividly conveys your purpose without overpowering your narrative. His conversational delivery and everyday sound are perfect for modern storytelling, streaming content, podcasting, and so much more. This is a narrator you’ll want to listen to , full of gravitas and humor, warmth and relatability. Unpretentious and richly textured tones combine with skillful storytelling to enliven documentaries, true crime series, and branded content. Fast turnarounds and online sessions via a fully-equipped home studio, ISDN bridge, SourceConnect, and ipDTL. Dynamic. Memorable. Engaging.

  • Radio Imaging

    2023 Christian Rosselli More Radio Imaging / Alt-Rock Download DEMO Radio Imaging / CHR Download DEMO Modern sound for today's waves. Need to update your station’s sound? Christian delivers vibrant radio imaging for stream-ready stations. Tune in, Rosselli-style, on 96.9 The Fox, FUN 92.1, Star 106.9, or catch the Mike Lupica podcast. His bold, wry, dynamic delivery pumps up your station’s brand and actively engages listeners . Broadcast-quality home studio with fast turnarounds on all audio - set up a monthly or weekly delivery schedule for new tags and spots. Book through Benztown or reach out directly for details. Upbeat. Fun. Real.

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