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  • On The Tracks of Nostalgia and Discovery

    I had the pleasure of rediscovering some of the nostalgic train spots that I haven't visited since my college days. Living in Connecticut has its perks, and having a car allows me to embark on these journeys of reminiscence. Alongside revisiting old haunts, I also ventured to explore new locales along State Street by the Hartford/Springfield Line in New Haven and North Haven. Weekends always seem to bring about intriguing moments, especially for a rail nut like myself. Today's highlight was spotting an Amtrak Vermonter consist adorned with three P42 engines, accompanied by a friendly wave from the engineer (you'll have to slow it down to see his hand) Additionally, there was the sight of what appeared to be a CT Rail train with Mafersa coach car leading the way with a distinctive RS2M horn—commonly associated with the Metro North, New Haven, Hudson, and Harlem Lines. This is the epitome of railfan nerddom. Subscribe for more trains & such >> Christian is a Voice Actor & Narrator who loves trains, travel, coffee, and all things audio. Follow along ❤️ on Instagram + YouTube

  • Bob Edwards: A Voice to Remember

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve been enthralled by the resonant and omnipresent baritone voice of Bob Edwards, which likely influenced my career path. The former NPR Host of Morning Edition and The Bob Edwards Show passed away recently at the age of 76. His voice accompanied me throughout my daily routines growing up- returning home from school, in the kitchen, in the car, and even in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. His vocal presence was felt by many over the airwaves and will be deeply missed.

  • The Bear: Emmy-winning series and its Impact on Career Choices

    The FX series The Bear really drove home the fact that cooking professionally just isn't my thing. I already knew it, but watching those realistic scenes brought back all the stress from my short time in a bakery. Even some family members, who've spent years in kitchens, agreed. I told my mom to check it out, but she couldn't handle the memories it stirred up and stopped after a couple of episodes. The cast and writers did such a good job making it feel real that it just confirmed for me that I'm better off sticking to something else. Nevertheless, a great show to binge watch. Superb performances that deserve every award.

  • Willem Dafoe's Criterion Collection Picks

    Let’s talk about Willem Dafoe – that actor whose voice and vibe bring some serious relief to our anxiety-filled lives. You might remember him from American Psycho as the persistent detective Donald Kimball, a grieving father in Anti-Christ, or Green Goblin in 2002's Spiderman. Regardless, his unique tone and that infectious smile have always won me over. And guess what? Criterion Collection lets us peek into his film preferences through their cool “Closet Picks” series. While Criterion can sometimes seem a bit highbrow, these behind-the-scenes looks at an actor’s favorite flicks break down those fancy walls. Dafoe’s picks don’t just show us what he digs; they make Criterion’s collection feel less like a inner circle and more like a movie lover’s hangout.

  • Vinyl Record-Making in Korea: A Sight to Behold

    Experience the mind-blowing process of manufacturing everyday items, like vinyl records. Recently, a fascinating video crossed my feed, showcasing the mass production of vinyl records in a Korean factory. Witnessing the intricate journey from the initial pressing to creating thousands of copies is truly awe-inspiring. We often overlook the marvel of understanding how things are made, and this glimpse into the meticulous production is nothing short of cool.

  • The Reality of Being a VO: More Hustle, Less Glamour

    The pursuit of success in voice-over work is a constant audition and networking hustle, indifferent to one’s talent or existing recognition. Every day unfolds as a quest for new opportunities, all without the assurance of a secure job waiting at the end. Unlike scoring a golden ticket after acing a high-profile campaign, booking and sustaining work is a relentless grind. We have to love it. Embracing the hustle becomes a way of life, especially if we lack top-tier connections or the cushion of fame. Contrary to the glitz and glamour portrayed at awards shows and expos, the daily reality of the business is far from a red carpet experience. It’s a gritty, demanding journey that requires dedication, resilience, and a willingness to adapt to challenges that come with the pursuit of success. Not to mention a great deal of time in physical isolation in a recording booth with little to no direction. At issue is the constant portrayal of the rewarding aspect of such a career pursuit. For example, the allure of awards and fame can sometimes overshadow the less glitzy aspects of the craft. Does constantly showing our successes help or harm us in the long run? As performers, it’s easy to be drawn to the surface, but acknowledging the journey is crucial.  Here’s what we don’t often see on social media: The fact that behind each successful voice-over performance lies a multitude of auditions, rejections, and hours of hard work that often go unnoticed. Auditioning, after all, IS the job. In the unpredictable entertainment industry, success demands continuous effort and resilience. Talent is crucial, but the hustle is non-negotiable. For those without established connections or deep pockets, the journey is demanding, involving craft honing and navigating a business driven by algorithmic trends with a low shelf life.

  • Anything is possible with Uber

    Ad plays up comedy between unexpected pairing Uber Unites This recent Uber ad featuring Asa Butterfield (Sex Education) and Robert De Niro as the unlikely yet charming duo makes you feel like anything is possible between two people who share common interests. This is story-telling at its finest and draws you in from Asa's first line "You eat food?" all the way to the end. It's a simple question that evolves into a wonderful friendship between two polar opposite personalities. This is what the world needs - bridging the gap and connection.

  • The Other Penn Station

    Newark New Jersey is the place for trains Subscribe for more trains & such >> When it comes to experiencing the bustling world of rail, few places offer a more stimulating atmosphere than Newark Penn Station. My recent adventure started with an early morning Amtrak ride from New Haven Union in Connecticut. How convenient it is to walk to the station and hop on a train that whisks you to your destination? Stepping off the train and onto the platform, the rush of excitement is immediate. Newark Station is a true convergence point for rail enthusiasts with Amtrak, NJ Transit, and PATH trains all coexisting in a symphony of motion. The sheer variety of locomotives and carriages that pass through here is a sight to see. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Newark Station many times over the years, especially during my stint living in New York, but I had never quite managed to capture the full scope of the railroading activity here. It’s a place where each visit presents new and exciting opportunities for railfanning. One of the standout features of Newark Station is its stunning architecture. Designed by the same architectural firm behind the original New York Penn Station, this station exudes a timeless elegance that transports you back to the golden age of rail travel. The grandeur of the building is evident in its intricate details, high vaulted ceilings, and majestic pillars, making it a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of that era. What’s even more remarkable is that Newark Station ranks as the seventh busiest rail station in the United States. The continuous flow of passengers and trains through this station adds to the dynamic energy that envelops the place. I'll be back again soon for sure. Christian is a Voice Actor & Narrator who loves trains, travel, coffee, and all things audio. Follow along ❤️ on Instagram + YouTube

  • Prepare to be Haunted

    Haunted Mansion TV spot is all things spooky For years, the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World has been a favorite, sending shivers down the spines of kids and adults alike. But now, with the much-anticipated movie slated for release in July 2024, it’s time to get excited about all things eerie. To give you a taste of what’s in store, check out the trailer spot below. It’s a clever, spooky, and delightfully campy sneak peek that’s sure to stir up childhood memories of the iconic theme park ride. Get ready for a ghostly adventure that promises to be a thrilling journey through the haunted, and perhaps a bit humorous, world of the Haunted Mansion.

  • Outside the Box

    The eye and ear candy created by Stagwell and Artist Jon Batiste As a music lover always on the lookout for something fresh, I recently came across an exciting collaboration. Ad agencies Stagwell and Wolfgang joined forces with Grammy-winner Jon Batiste for his latest release. It’s a unique blend of creativity and music that’s worth checking out.

  • Finding My Voice

    Embracing the Past and Present of Voice in Advertising At 42, I've come to realize my voice carries echoes of a bygone era, more reminiscent of the polished announcers of yesteryears than I care to admit. I've had great success as a casual, relatable, guy-next-door voice for sure, but there's a certain appeal to the golden age of advertising, when every commercial sounded smooth as butter. My fascination with this era might stem from its ability to emphasize vocal qualities that resonated deeply. In contrast, connecting with younger audiences poses a challenge. My social circle doesn't extend to those under 25, and I find myself out of sync with the Gen Z lingo. Transitioning to the present advertising landscape, it's evident that the conventional announcer-driven commercials of the past now seem outdated. Even those of three years ago. Their articulate and professional delivery, while impactful then, may appear distant and formal by today's standards. This style thrived in an era with limited networks and no digital platforms, fostering a simple transactional approach where brands offered solutions to consumer problems. Advertising today thrives on a more relatable and human interaction. The focus has shifted from authoritative monologues to genuine conversations that resonate on a personal level, which, don't get me wrong, I am here for in the long term. However, despite this evolution, I'm inexplicably drawn to the allure of classic performances, even if they feel somewhat grandiose or formal. For me, it's essential to acknowledge that evaluating a commercial from 1985 through the lens of contemporary norms isn't entirely fair. Times have changed, and so have the platforms and channels through which ads reach audiences. The era of the distinguished announcer proclaiming a product's virtues from on high has largely faded, except when used for comedic effect. As a voice actor, I'm at a crossroads. My path forward involves a balancing act: embracing the classics while adapting to the evolving conversational advertising landscape. It's like blending the best of both worlds, creating a sound that hits just right.

  • Station Exploration

    Philadelphia's 30th Street Station is a sight Subscribe for more trains & such >> Last year I visited Philadelphia for a mini vacation and was transported to another time when I arrived at 30th Street Station via Amtrak's Keystone Corridor. The station's resemblance to Grand Central Terminal in New York City was astonishing. The towering pillars that seem to touch the railroad heavens are a sight. Designed in the 1930s by Graham, Anderson, Probst, and White, this station is a true masterpiece. Today it serves as a busy hub for Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, Keystone, and Acela trains, as well as SEPTA lines and NJ Transit's Atlantic City Line, connecting travelers to destinations across the East Coast.Unlike Moynihan Train Hall in Penn Station, New York, 30th Street Station seamlessly blends history with modern functionality, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all travelers. Christian is a Voice Actor & Narrator who loves trains, travel, coffee, and all things audio. Follow along ❤️ on Instagram + YouTube

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