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Why? Because I said so.

I'm watching Yellowstone and rethinking communication...

The creators of the TV series Yellowstone on Paramount+ tapped into a goldmine of family dynamics, and I'm here for it. As a fan, I'm intrigued by the growly-gruff Costner and constant drama, but one of the main things that sticks out for me is the constant befuddled mess of communication problems between parents and kids. It's kind of like Succession...with more horses.

Yellowstone, like Succession, is effective in showing how filial duty comes with problems that require complex solutions. The Dutton kids fall over themselves to live up to their father's expectations of undying loyalty, while receiving little support or encouragement. It's a "Why?" / "Because I said so" kind of world, and makes me realize how important it is to think about how we talk to one another. All the metaphors and speeches make for great acting moments, but damn, what a plethora of miscommunications!

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