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When Voiceover And Trains Collide...In Buffalo

As many of you know, in addition to loving voiceover, I’m a serious train addict. Marrying the two loves can be a bit of a stretch, from a branding perspective, but I have no trouble devoting equal amounts of time to both. When voiceover and trains collide, I can be seen almost always on the side-lines at stations photographing train life along the Hudson River. Well, this time I put that addiction to test by taking a much anticipated train up to Buffalo NY for the first time. In addition to exploring the historical landmarks, a somewhat chaotic tour of Niagara Falls in the rain, some great bars/restaurants as well as Art Scene, I got the chance to hang out with my MVO brother, Peter K O'Connell, Buffalo’s one and only friendly, neighborhood voice talent.

Peter and I talked for a while about the ever-changing voice over industry, low ball voice seekers, marketing tactics (of which he is a master), Buffalo (not the animal) History, Family, and in-between making jokes and doing impersonations of other voice over artist friends of ours.  Afterwards he gave me a brief tour of downtown Buffalo, which I explored over the next couple of days.

Our careers can be so isolating at times that it's good to be reminded that "people" exist.

When Voice Over And Trains Collide...In Buffalo Christian Rosselli Voice Over

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