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The conference proves no opportunity is too small

Really. After years of doubt and criticism, I finally got myself to attend the popular conference a few weeks ago.  The results?  An absolute blast!  When our minds are open and willing to learn a thing or two, the sky's the limit and possibilities for growing, endless.  Too often in the voice over business, we hear of these types of conferences offering little takeaway or gain for individual voice actors.  While that may be true in some instances, it isn't the complete story.  When it comes to conferences, if there isn't any guaranteed ROI or certain attendees present (buyers, top agents, ad agencies etc), we voice over people are immediately skeptical.  And who wants to be in room with hundreds of other competitors?   There are many naysayers among us, including this voice talent from time to time.  But when are there ever guarantees in this business? Sometimes we have to take risks and let opportunities in.  Listening to others' stories, career journeys and how they've navigated through triumphs and failures is integral to our growth as voice talents.

And that is exactly what happened during VO Atlanta 2018.  People of all levels- newbies, part-time and full-time pros, as well as seasoned veterans- were in attendance. Newbies talking to veterans, veterans talking to part-time talents, and full-timers talking to newbies.   Not to sound cliche but it really was one big happy family.  No judgements.  Everyone in this together, sharing ideas and learning from one another.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Meeting fellow talents for the first time in-person

  • Stimulating career conversations into the wee hours of the morning, accompanied by endless laughter and shenanigans (and Burritos)

  • Attending four exciting and intensive X Sessions (Thank you Tom Pinto, Jeff Howell, Cliff Zellman and Eric Romanowski for your expertise and encouragement)

  • Watching planes take off and land right outside hotel window

  • Enjoying some serious brisket

  • Visiting the Atlanta Aquarium and spotting not one but...THREE whale sharks

  • Learning the MARTA system (this train addict's new favorite thing to do in Atlanta)

But the best part about the entire experience was that it taught me not to doubt myself, not to be afraid and to trust my instincts.  Voice over can be isolating and being around your competitors every so often isn't such a bad thing.  It also challenged me to be more proactive about my career and and pay better attention to underperforming areas. It rekindled a passion for the creative process and allowed me to approach an avalanche of new marketing opportunities with focus and ease.

Seize the moment? You bet.

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Photo Credit: Eric Romanowski

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