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Transit Dreams Become Reality

New York to Los Angeles in 3 hours sounds pretty wild

Remember when I first wrote about having a thing for trains?  I've certainly written my fair share of blog posts about them, but this time it's different (I swear!).  When advancements in transit technology have a hand in potentially delivering something beyond the wildest dreams of the masses, it always seems anything is possible.

I first heard of the Hyperloop a few months ago as it was proposed by rising tech giant, Elon Musk - part of the SpaceX program.  Since then, other companies like Hyperloop One have followed suit and begun work on their own system. What exactly is it?  That's where this gets so much cooler than "just train stuff"... Ok, imagine an intricate system of tubes similar to highways, connecting cities throughout the world.  Now imagine that within these tubes, compartments (or pods) contain people and travel at speeds up to 760 mph.  So a trip from New York to Los Angeles in 3 hours sounds pretty wild and also, pretty realistic.

Parsons, Jeff.  Futuristic Hyperloop transport system moves closer to reality as new designs for Dubai to Abu Dhabi link revealed. Mirror. Web. 21 Nov 2016. 12 Dec 2016.

Transit Dreams Become Reality - Christian Rosselli Voice Over


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