• Christian Rosselli

Through My Lens: For Mary Oliver

An interpretation of the poet's work

Like many, I've always loved Mary Oliver's poetry. When she died several months ago, I realized there was still much to be discovered. Here's a video of my interpretation of "Angels" from her book Blue Horses. Thank you, Mary.

You might see an angel anytime and anywhere. Of course you have to open your eyes to a kind of  second level, but it’s not really hard. The whole business of  what’s reality and what isn’t has never been solved and probably never will be. So I don’t care to be too definite about anything.  I have a lot of edges called Perhaps and almost nothing you can call Certainty. For myself, but not  for other people. That’s a place you just can’t get into, not  entirely anyway, other people’s  heads. 
I’ll just leave you with this.  I don’t care how many angels can  dance on the head of a pin. It’s enough to know that for some people they exist, and that they dance. 

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Oliver, Mary. Blue Horses. Penguin Books, 2016. Print.