• Christian Rosselli

The Robot Voice Takeover

Sonic Branding is the future

Now more than ever, buyers are looking for voices that truly communicate their vision. Jim Kennelly of Lotas Productions shares his thoughts on the future of voice over in this Forbes article. As voice actors, we've all been curious about what may happen to our voices 10 years from now - even 5 years. It's that nagging thought that both piques curiosity and stokes a little fear & uncertainty (not gonna lie).

Jim says:

As more and more consumers look to technology as a way to engage with brands, brands should look to voice as a powerful touch point with immense potential to help them stand out amid growing competition.

Lotas has its finger on the pulse of technological advancements in the voice over industry and has been a guiding force in career development for many voice actors and strengthening relationships with brands. Reach out to the Lotas team for more stellar work integrating voice actors with approaching technology.

Check out the whole article HERE.

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