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The Marsalis Legacy

Branford Marsalis named Artistic Director of Music School

well, isn't this exciting news? Branford Marsalis, the renowned saxophonist, has just been appointed as the Artistic Director at the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music in New Orleans. For me, it's a moment of nostalgia and admiration. I vividly remember growing up, mesmerized by his unforgettable saxophone solo in Sting's "Englishman in New York." That moment ignited my passion for his music, leading me to explore his entire discography. And I haven't stopped since.

What strikes me most about Branford's new role is his commitment to preserving the family's musical heritage. I can't help but think how proud his father, Ellis Marsalis, would be. It's not merely about the music; it's about carrying forward a legacy and imparting wisdom to future generations. Branford's decision to embrace this responsibility is truly commendable and reflects his dedication to nurturing the next wave of musical talent.


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