• Christian Rosselli

The Ever-So-Subtle Selling Tactics of Voiceover People

Starring "The Voice Talent" and "The Lawyer"

You know the type.  You're at a party and they're the first people to stress the value of their niche business to everyone.  You haven't gotten a chance to introduce yourself and they've already handed you their business card or sales pamphlet, eager to persuade you. Chances are it was probably a voiceover artist.  We do have the "coolest job in the world" after all. Take the following instance at a PTA reception recently:

VT: Hi I'm a voiceover artist, what do you do? 

I'm a lawyer

VT: Oh that's cool. Do you need a voice? I do commercials narrations promos messages on hold explainers---


VT: You never know when you may need a voiceover. I'm here to serve you whenever you need me. I don't take many vacations so whatever you need, I'm here to help!


VT: Sorry I just get excited sometimes. I love what I do. 

I can tell. Do you have an agent?

VT: Nope. I'm a one stop shop for all your needs. Who needs an agent? Like I said commercials narrations promos explainer videos elearning, stuff for kids funny voi---

I think I get it. (Pause) well I'm not looking for any voice over right now. But I'll let you know when I do.  You'll be at the top of my list.

VT: Thanks! What's your address?


VT: So I can send you my monthly mailer! You don't want to miss out on that now do you?!

That's nice.

VT: I also have really good branding as well. Wanna have a look at my site? 

Actually you know what I have to get going I just realized I have a meeting.

VT: Oh. Ok. Want my card?

And by the way, speaking of selling tactics - if you're looking to hire me...

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