• Christian Rosselli

Tell Alexa "Open Christian Rosselli's Voice"

Have an Alexa? You're one of the 8.2 million people who chat with her daily

As voice casting moves into the next phase of digital development, I'm excited to explore possibilities that connect me to voice seekers in new and ever-personal ways. The more we're isolated from each other, the more interested I'm becoming in how to actively engage with people, and putting my voice into an Alexa-based format definitely makes sense.

Showing off my voiceover skills using a voice-first platform? Yes please!

What is a voice site?

Check out the "Just Ask Alexa" prompt on my site homepage. Go ahead - click to activate your Alexa-enabled device to play my voice, or just tell Alexa to "Open Christian Rosselli's Voice." You can interact with me and ask questions about my career, studio, rates and more. Get quick and easy access to my demos, and start the booking process, all from your Alexa Show, Echo, Dot, or any enabled device!

How do I use it?

I'm using my voice site as an interactive supplement to my website, a marketing tool, and a demo delivery option. My main quicklink goes out in my email signature, and have added other audio-enabled links to my marketing as well. I've got quicklinks that land people directly on my individual demos too - great for sending to interested clients or for casting. My voice site sends people my demos upon request or connects them directly to me for booking and quotes, and I can easily update its content for special events & occasions or shifts in market trends. As our digital world evolves using voice-first technology, I'll keep changing my site to reflect the trends & concepts people are looking for.

Want one of your own?

Head on over to Voiceweave.com and build a site that shows off your unique sound. They'll send you recording prompts (or you can do what I did and design your own!) and you'll upload your demos and record short audio pieces until the site is finished and goes live across the Amazon landscape...

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