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Remembering Marla Kirban

My voiceover career began with three little words:

Marla Kirban

"Florida Orange Juice"

Those were the first lines of copy I ever uttered.

It's late 2007 and I'm nervous, having been prodded by family and co-workers to explore this voice thing. From the minute I walk into her studio, Marla makes it easy. I feel instantly calm, and she believes in me from the get-go...

Marla remained staunchly in my corner, making me more successful and sharing her incredible keys to the voiceover world. Even as her health diminished, we would connect for sessions and I never stopped being impressed with Marla's kindness, her generosity, and the energy she brought to so many people's lives. Truly one of a kind. I'll miss you, Marla. Thank you for everything you did for me and my career.


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