• Christian Rosselli

Poignant and Powerful

Ear-Catching: Nike Ad Just Do It Serena Williams

When it comes to making an impression, advertising giant Widen and Kennedy knows how to create one that lasts. Of late they’ve been behind some inspiring, motivational and socially-conscious ads that continue to have an impact on the country in these About a month ago, they produced this moving Nike Ad for the US Open, featuring Serena Williams and an unforgettable guiding voice - her father.

Can a spot be both hard-hitting and poignant? You bet. And Nike is just the brand to do it.

In this powerful, raw 60 seconds of airtime, Serena reflects on the training she received from her father early on. As his natural voice over guides her with encouragement and love, she applies this to the present moment: the match. I loved how this spot examines both the past and the present as one - how they both can converge in a way that truly informs the decision-making process. Memory gives way to instinct. Instinct meets execution.

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