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People (Like Me) Still Listen to Records

Checking out Blue Note's Tone Poet Series on Vinyl

As long as I can remember I've been a fan of vinyl records and their unbeatable analog sound. So when I discovered the new Tone Poet series from Blue Note Records, I immediately jumped on board. The series is part of a monthly vinyl re-release from the original tape masters by Rudy Van Gelder. I bought two albums from the series recently: "Out of the Blue" by Sonny Red and "Rough N' Tumble" by Stanley Turrentine. The result? Pristine sound in its truest, intended form. Everything is clear with no digital artifacts or over processed audio. And all this coming from my Uturn turntable, Vincent stereo pre-amp and little Audio Engine 2+ speakers, I might add.

If you're in the market for good vinyl, turn to the Tone Poet series from Blue Note. You won't be disappointed.


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