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My current fave #voices

Pipes and styles that make me pay attention!

Some of My Favorite Voices are Christian Rosselli Voice Over

I've got my ear constantly to the ground, listening for textural and meaningful ideas to incorporate into my job as a voice actor. Today's list includes a handful of voices with unmistakable vocal qualities both in and out of the voice over profession.

Some have put me to sleep (in a good way), some have gotten me through documentaries and others have kept my attention with their message and intention no matter the situation.

Ginni Rommity

Liev Schreiber

Diana Devitt Dawson

Will Lyman

Bob Ross

Richard Thomas

Julia Knippen

Michelle Norris

Mark Erlwine

WhispersRed ASMR

Josh Goodman

Paige Clements

Scott Rudin

Bob Edwards

Mara Junot

Mike Rowe

Gene Simmons

Martha Stewart

Howard Parker

Russell Ferrante

Anthony Bourdain

Joshua Redman

Tim Wise


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