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Hartford Line Train Ride

Welcome aboard the CT Rail Hartford Line from New Haven State Street Station, located just a stone's throw away from Union Station, to its final destination in Springfield, MA. Historically, this route was exclusively frequented by Amtrak Shuttle, Vermonter, and Regional trains. However, with the introduction of CT Rail and an increased Amtrak Shuttle service, this route has transformed into quite a busy line.

The Hartford Line offers passengers the advantages of both convenience and flexibility. Notably, Amtrak regional trains and shuttles gladly accept CT Rail tickets, enhancing the travel experience for commuters. It's important to note that, while convenient, CT Rail tickets are not valid on Vermonter trains. Back in 2019, you may remember I embarked on a memorable train ride, venturing from NY Penn Station to Hartford. During this journey, we explored both Amtrak and CT Rail options, which, at that time, had just celebrated their one-year anniversary of service.


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