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Hard Work Pays Off For This Entertainer: Harry Connick Jr

In a recent interview with NPR, shown above, one of my favorite performers over the last couple of decades, Harry Connick Jr., discusses his latest album That Would Be Me.  When I first started listening to jazz at a young age, his debut album 20 was given to me as a gift and really grabbed my attention, as he was such a gifted young guy.  I began to appreciate him more on later albums, such as Blue Light, Red Light and To See You which just blew me away in terms of the music depths this performer could reach.  It's refreshing to hear him reflect on his past education under the tutelage of Mr. Marsalis, who proved to be invaluable, I'm sure.

As a child prodigy in New Orleans, Connick had a mentor of his own, the luminary jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis. Connick says Marsalis was a taskmaster, who more than once told the young musician he should give up music entirely. And yet, embedded in that strictness were some lessons that proved invaluable.

"Harry Connick Jr. On Tough Love And Letting Go Of The Wheel." NPR. NPR Music. 23 October 2015. Web. 31 October 2015

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Hard Work Pays Off For This Entertainer: Harry Connick Jr - Christian Rosselli Voice Over