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Gentlemen Of The Highest Order

are coffee lovers at heart.

Where are the gentlemen these days? If you're both a coffee lover and an appreciator of good advertising, you might find this video, which surfaced a couple of weeks ago, quite amusing. Clooney is one of those Class A gentlemen I've come to appreciate over the years and someone who grew on me as well over time. And he's fantastic when it comes to brand loyalty and sticking behind something.  DeVito is an actor I've loved watching since childhood (I even met him in person when I was 10 at my father's restaurant) so this pairing seems especially fitting.

Clooney and DeVito are better known for drinking limoncellos together, but perhaps they rely on coffee to revive themselves after one of their epic nights out. In any case, they make an amusing pair of friends, and their new commercial is theatrical and goofy—in that charming, lowbrow-yet-sophisticated Nespresso way.

Now, can we just get these guys behind every brand, even women's products? Now, that would be cool...and quite bizarre.

Looking forward to more of them!

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