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First time's a charm

Visiting Newark Broad Street Station

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Newark Broad Street station in Newark, New Jersey for the first time. While it may not have been my favorite train station to film at, the experience was still memorable and enjoyable in its own right. As I arrived at the station, I was immediately struck by its charm. The architecture, with its historic touch, exuded a certain elegance that transported me back to a bygone era. The atmosphere was buzzing with activity as commuters and travelers went about their daily routines, creating a lively backdrop for my railfanning adventure. I was able to catch most trains served at this station including Gladstone, Montclair-Boonton, Morristown and Newark Light Rail lines.

One aspect that stood out during my visit was the relatively lower frequency of express trains passing through the station. Compared to some other locations I've visited, where express trains speed by in a whirlwind, Newark Broad Street had a slower pace. This might disappoint those seeking fast and exhilarating shots of trains in action. Additionally, diesel locomotives were less prevalent which was a bit limiting.

The Weather's Redemption

While the lack of express trains and diesel locomotives might have been a drawback for some railfans, the weather compensated for these minor inconveniences. One notable advantage of railfanning at Newark Broad Street station was the elevated platform, offering a commanding view of the surrounding area and the open sky. Positioned above the hustle and bustle, I had a unique vantage point to capture the trains as they arrived and departed. In addition, the station's close proximity to Interstate 280 relieved me from the stress of driving and navigating through rush hour traffic.


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