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Finally The Ladies Get Some Lovin'

The use of female voice over in Bud Light Lime's Latest TV Spot.

The ladies get some lovin' after all.  Two years ago the film "In A World" was released in select movie theaters across the country.  It created quite a buzz in the voice over community- for one because it was an independent feel-good comedy actually about the voiceover industry.  Maybe a first of it's kind?  It gave all of us professionals something to "break the ice" over at industry-wide events and meet-ups.   But more importantly because it touched upon the issue of the use or lack thereof, when it came to female voices in the Promo and Trailer markets, a sector of the business traditional reserved for male voices.  An interesting premise to say the least and a charming film that left a lasting impression.

It later prompted many female voice talent colleagues to examine their role in the VO business as a whole. Of course there being plenty of work for female voice talents already, and,  while this didn't apply to the select few women who did promos and movie trailers, it brought up the issue of "what if." What if an equal number of women started narrating movie trailers and promos?  Would the industry find a need for that change?  Would the studios suddenly come to their senses and see a gradual shift in the market for female voices doing that type of work overtime?

Two years later, I don't think much has changed really. In fact today, I don't hear that many movie trailer voices at all.  Maybe audiences got smarter?

But was I looking forward to hearing Mara Junot do the movie trailer for Birdman?  Yes! Would it have been a nice surprise to hear Lisa Biggs belting over some thematic action movie score for, say, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation?  Of course!

However, I always felt when it came to alcoholic beverages, my fellow lady voice talents got the short end of the stick too.  Why was I only hearing hip frat bro- sounding voice over for most, if not all beer ads? Hell, I even voiced one of these spots. Contrary to conventional belief, chicks dig beer too, so why not market to them?  The advertising industry obviously sees it differently.  But walk into a bar in the East Village of Manhattan, Astoria, Queens or any part of Brooklyn and chances are you'll run into a handful of enthusiastic Female AND Male beer aficionados.  Not all women like "chick drinks" like Smirnoff Ice, Zima, Mike's Hard Lemonade etc.  There are many women, including some friends, who enjoy a serious brew. Again, the leaders of the advertising industry see things differently. And perhaps incorrectly.

A couple of months ago, during a commercial break on HuluPlus, I witnessed something quite remarkable.  A female voice doing a "Bud Light Lime" TV spot! A pleasant surprise, and a quite sexy one at that! While this could be perceived as somewhat of a "chick drink", it's a step in the right direction.  Next it's a commercial for SixPoint Sweet Action, Brooklyn Lager or a new IPA of note.   I'll also mention that I had auditioned for this one a while back and remember they were casting for both Male and Female voices.

All in all, it might not be a movie trailer for the next Tom Cruise action film or Snow White 7, but either way, it's nice to see the ladies getting the VO spotlight this time around.

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