• Christian Rosselli

Corporate Narration Is Far From Boring:

The marriage of a story teller and a brand

Corporate narration remains one of my all-time favorite types of voiceover sessions.  Long-form corporate video, that seemingly mundane form of targeted audience driven recording that has to be exactly what a brand needs? What a great challenge! And what a unique perspective into a company's true inner workings - speaking directly to its own people. While commercial concepts take a brand's ideas outward, corporate narration requires motivating brand workers toward a common goal. Beautiful!

These projects may help well-established companies reach necessary next steps, or help smaller business achieve standardized successes. When brands tap into the power of corporate narration, they realize that bringing their message to life empowers each individual within an organization. Ultimately, this form allows for opportunities to educate audiences in real time without worrying about stealing their attention within a matter of :15 or :30 seconds. We get to be real, articulate, measured, detailed, and more intelligent than in our more commercial endeavors. Case in point: this video for Unicredit demonstrates a style of narration that is playful, versatile and engaging.

Boring? No way.

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