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Art, Activism and NYC

Nan Goldin's story in 'All the Beauty and the Bloodshed'

Nan Goldin, a true artistic visionary, captures emotions like no other. Her photography, combined with tireless activism, has left an indelible mark on history. During my senior year of college, while perusing the photography section of a used book store, I stumbled upon a compilation of photographs by various artists. Within this collection, I discovered a few selections from Nan Goldin’s iconic book, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency. I found myself drawn to her exploration of mood, grounding the viewer in intimate human experiences. There was an undeniable authenticity to her work, devoid of staging, that spoke to me on a profound level.

In Laura Poitras' film "All The Beauty and the Bloodshed," Goldin's story unfolds against the backdrop of New York City in the tumultuous 1970s and 80s, spanning the AIDS crisis and beyond. This era provides the canvas upon which Goldin’s narrative takes shape. Prepare to be moved.


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