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A Perfect Saturday

Scenic Train Excursion from Grand Central Terminal to Danbury

Embarking on a picturesque train journey is an excellent way to spend a Saturday, especially with beautiful weather. Metro North's New Haven Line offers an exceptional experience, starting from the iconic Grand Central Terminal in NYC and venturing along the stunning Connecticut coastline via electric rail. The adventure continues with a transfer at South Norwalk for a diesel train ride on the Danbury branch, which takes passengers on a captivating scenic route through the picturesque inland landscapes through Northwestern Connecticut.

Coastal Splendor: Grand Central Terminal to South Norwalk

The journey commences at the magnificent Grand Central Terminal, where anticipation and excitement usually fill the air. Boarding Metro North's New Haven Line M8 rail cars, the train travels up Park Ave through Harlem (birthplace of Harry Belafonte, Billie Holiday), Fordham in the Bronx through Mount Vernon (home of Pete Rock, Heavy D), New Rochelle (Joey Calderazzo) and the neighboring towns of Rye, Mamaroneck and Greenwich to name a few. As the train zooms through quaint coastal towns, passengers are treated to glimpses of picturesque harbors, charming real estate, and several encounters of passing trains in the opposite direction. It's a visual feast that I never get sick of.

Transfer at South Norwalk: Gateway to Danbury Branch

Upon reaching South Norwalk, passengers embark on a seamless transfer to the diesel train that awaits them on the opposite track - the Danbury branch. The train consists of four passenger cars operated by a Brookville BL20GH locomotive. This transition marks the beginning of a calmer, more enchanting leg of the journey, where coastal vistas become captivating inland landscapes. The change in scenery introduces a new dimension to the experience, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the tranquil charm of Connecticut's countryside and forget the bustle of the city.

As the diesel train slowly departs from South Norwalk, it ventures into the heart of Connecticut, traversing picturesque towns and rolling hills. The Danbury branch showcases the region's natural splendor, with lush forests, meandering rivers, and idyllic rural scenes unfurling outside the train windows. It's easy to get lost in the surrounding hills and valleys of Bethel, Wilton and Cannondale. This line holds a captivating allure with its final destination, Danbury, which happens to be home to the renowned Danbury Railroad Museum, where legendary locomotives and passenger fleets from the past several decades find their place of honor. Ryan


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